We are B'More Made with Pride


-Do you offer same day shipping?

Answer: No. Our products are made to order and as such require a few days to prepare and get shipped.

-Can I order from outside of the US?

Answer: As of right now, no. We are working on it though!

-Do you ship to warmer parts of the country? Do you ship during warmer months?

Answer: Yes! For an extra cost we will include reusable ice packs and packaging to keep your order nice and cool.

-What shipping carrier do you use?

Answer: We ship through UPS and USPS

-How long does your product last?

Our products can be stored in a cool place like the fridge or freezer in a well sealed container. Products can last for up to 6 months...Unless you eat them all ;)

-Allergy information?

Answer: Our products are manufactured in a location that may contain peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and other allergens. All allergen free orders are prepared separately to ensure allergen free quality. All products are labeled with all ingredients and possible allergens.